Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's in my blood

Craft markets are in my blood. I didn't realise it till today. Since I was born, I have pretty much been to a lot of craft markets, more than I can really recall!

You see, my dear mom was an folk art artist. She loved to paint and she tried very hard to make money from it. She could painting anything she could get her hands and more! She took lessons and gave lessons and almost every Saturday we would pack the car and head on our way to a craft market, rain or shine. I can't recall how well she did or how much she sold, but now I understand my desire, my drive, my passion. It come from my mom.

She would paint into the wee hours of the night. She and I are both alike in this way. Both of us are night owls, don't even bother try talking to us in the mornings! I obviously try not to stay up to late because with two kids under 3 of which my youngest is still waking up at night, I would be too trashed the next day and I certainly don't have the luxury of sleeping in!

Whenever we moved house it had to be somewhere with a studio for her and ALL her stuff. She had a lot! As a result of her painting though, I took up art in high school for two years. I enjoyed it until it came to exams. I don't like pressure and I'm rather meticulous when it comes to something I make. I want it to be perfect! So I gave that up.

I tend to be good at almost everything I put my hand at, just not excellent at one thing. I was good at swimming, art, singing and whatever else I put my hand too. Jane of all trades :) In my opinion, it's a good and a bad thing. Good because I can try anything that involves my hands and being creative and it generally will come it great, I like the challenge. Bad because I always have to find something else more challenging. I get bored easily.

For example, I have made two birthday cakes now. A 3D duck cake and a ladybug cake:

I also enjoying making birthday invitations:

I have also done a number of pencil drawings which I ashamedly threw away when I moved to New Zealand. I've only kept about 3 oil paint canvases that are sitting in the garage at the moment. Shameful I know.

When I was 16 I discovered that I can sing. When I was 17, guitar lessons where offered and I took it up. 11 years later and I still love to play the guitar and sing. I studied vocals and guitar for a year and went on to become one of my music team leaders at my church. I taught guitar to kids for a small period of time before falling pregnant with my daughter.

Another love... photography! I love to take photos and I especially love to edit them!

So there you have it. Sorry for the long post, I didn't realise I had so much to share.

Lastly. Let me end off in loving memory of my mom. Love and miss you.

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  1. Love your heart and passion Nicola - Dee was an inspiration to us all - you have honoured her well! She would be so proud and say"you go my girl!"