Friday, June 3, 2011

For a good cause

To my kiwi followers:

On June 3rd (TONIGHT), Mums on Top will host a charity auction for Lauren, a 22 year old mother who has cancer. We aim to ease her financial burden due to missing payments on her car, needing a ventilator at her home ($6K) and to pay for an injection ($4K) designed to help the effects of chemo not be as bad so she can care for her one month old daughter Isabella.

If you would like to bid, be online, ready with your $$$ to get some AMAZING products/services from FANTASTIC companies.

A chat line will open at 6:30pm and bidding starts at 7pm. Here is a slideshow of what's available.

Find more photos like this on Mums on Top - Social Media Mums!

I have donated the Black & Red Flutterby Mobile to this auction.

This went on Auction and sold for NZ$38! Feeling very proud that the money is going to a good cause.

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