Friday, April 27, 2012

Sweet Bird house nursery mobile

I attended my first craft market of the year on Wednesday night in Kingsland. It was the Anzac Kingsland Fraft market and the feel of the market and the people who had stalls and those that visited were so wonderful! I was right at the entrench, so caught everyone's attention as soon as they walked in! I wish I was able to make more stock, but what I had, did for the night. Here's a photo of my stall that I took with my camera:
With an upcoming market I get to make new stock! I love this part of it as I hardly ever get the chance to make all the ideas I get in my head! So the day before, I decided to make another bird mobile entirely from felt. Here are photos of the end result:

This special mobile is for sale as is for NZ$160 plus postage and is available as a custom order to match your nursery. Available to purchase in my Etsy shop now!

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